Thursday, February 10, 2011

Advaxis Logo

Woody Pirtle is on one of those great, classic graphic designers with some outstanding logo marks, chock-full of cleverness and graphic intelligence. His logo for Advaxis (described as a "Technology in Immunotherapy" company) is beautifully crafted; but does it make for a good corporate mark? Well, we've all seen horse logos---great ones at that---and here is yet another, but the only thing that really might make this distinct from the rest is the ornamental lines sweeping through the solid horse shape. Unfortunately, those lines are so fine, that even at a decent size they are hard to make out (obviously, scaling it down makes it all the more problematic for recognition). Without those lines, you have a pretty standard horse...and I would deem this more fitting as a graphic illustration, rather than a corporate logo mark because of the difficulty in discerning those lines. Conversion to 1-color from the orange and black color scheme does not play much of a role here because the horse stays the same. The only element left that really adds some uniqueness to the mark is the thicker line with the 3 circle shapes on which the feet stand (these are also able to be seen in the scaled version). Contrast is low and fills in visually to the eye, so higher degrees of contrast would help make this a more recognizable mark. When it comes to the overall form that is presented, it is very nice; the use of large fields of negative space between the legs and the tail to the body are pleasant. I just wish this could have been simplified while still maintaining some of the ornamental appearance that is intended to make this logo mark unique. 

R A T I N G S  (1-color version)
Scale: Bad, Fair, Good This is all in the context of the 1-color version, not rating the full color version.
Recognizable: Fair
Scalable: Bad
Use of Pos/Neg: Fair
Form: Good
Craftsmanship: Good
Functional: Fair


  1. I agree with your assessment, Adam. Very poor scalability. :) I like your blog a lot; congrats on your top ten award! I feel a little guilty being here, though....I really like color!! -Maren

  2. Maren, thanks for your thoughts and assessing for yourself as well to see what you think. I really appreciate your encouragement about the blog and award...that inspires me. (Don't worry, I like color too :) Glad to have you here.