Friday, February 4, 2011


They fell into the trap. You might ask, what is it? Well, I don't know. (Background: BT is a big company in the UK, offering broadband, TV, and phone.) This is what concerns me: when a logo mark relies entirely on multiple colors overlapping each other with transparencies and gradients, it sets itself up for a fall when converted purely to 1-color. It is easy to see the 1-color version takes on a whole new look (a clown's face, a coffee cup ring?) compared to the full color that seems to suggest something global with a variety of offerings (just a guess here). There is nothing to separate or define the elements that overlap, leaving a "smooshed" together appearance. While I can't really interpret what it means, for aesthetics sake, it does at least take on sort of an interesting form because of the large amounts of negative space between the solid shapes...which also allows it to scale down well. But you can't say it's recognizable in 1-color because of how different it looks. It seems that little to no consideration was given as to how this mark would work in it's most basic form.

R A T I N G S  (1-color version)
Scale: Bad, Fair, Good This is all in the context of the 1-color version, not rating the full color version.
Recognizable: Bad
Scalable: Fair
Use of Pos/Neg: Fair
Form: Fair
Craftsmanship: Bad
Functional: Fair

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