Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Infinity Radio Logo Design Review

We've all seen an infinite amount of infinity logo designs. Here's one for Infinity Radio (seems to be an affiliate of CBS Radio) whose website lists multiple stations to listen to. I appreciate their approach to try to create depth visually without having to use gradients, but rather employing the use of progression in thin to thick to thin again lines. While it is definitely more noticeable and effective in the full color version, you can see the black and white still has all the elements, but fails to create that sense of depth or layering that the colors helped to imply. Like I said, the progression of lines for movement are there, but they are not very well crafted. Certain spots have awkwardly large gaps in between each line, leaving for a sort of knotted appearance (especially in the middle where color was used to help separate the lines from each other), rather than a fluid "endlessness" that infinity is supposed to invoke. In fairness, the upper right line is actually the letter "I" in the logotype but was defined enough to be able to separate it out as a stand-alone mark. The nicest flow of lines is in the upper right section (starting from the middle). It has a clear progression and depth, the other sections are a little more sloppy and abrupt in their transition around the loop on the left and right side. Because infinity marks are done so often, and even this lined style isn't anything novel, it doesn't have great recognition from the black and white version to the color. The form is not distinct enough either to help in that recognition. Needs more refinement in it's execution.

R A T I N G S  (black and white version)
Scale: Bad, Fair, Good Rating black and white version, not rating the full color or grayscale versions.
- Recognizable: Bad
- Scalable: Bad
- Use of Pos/Neg: Fair
- Form: Fair
- Craftsmanship: Bad
- Functional: Fair


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