Monday, February 7, 2011

New Bedford Whaling Museum Logo Design Review

So clever. Malcolm Grear and his team are some of the best when it comes to 1-color logo mark designs (sadly, I don't think they get enough recognition for how hard they work to promote high standards in this field). It's obvious the designer worked from the ground up and accomplished a striking mark through the use of a good concept, clever visual wit, and excellent craftsmanship in how it was drawn---notice the fluidness in how the top sail flows right into the tail (flipper?); they look like they belong together. I also really like how they left that "connection" between the top sail and tail open. Rather than filling in those little gaps at the corners by making the positive shapes touch, they trust the viewers mind to do that intuitively, which adds to the subtle intrigue. According to Grear's website, New Bedford is "recognized as the world's leading museum of whaling during the 'Age of the Sail,'" and they got a logo design that fully compliments that high regard. Recognition is no problem when in 1-color, because that's the only way it appears. The well drawn positive shapes of the sails make for a distinct form, which becomes all the more memorable when the negative space forms the whale's tail. This is an excellent example of how a thoughtful designer leveraged the techniques of high contrast for visual appeal and great functionality. 

R A T I N G S  (1-color version)
Scale: Bad, Fair, Good This is all in the context of the 1-color version, not rating the full color version.
Recognizable: Good
Scalable: Good
Use of Pos/Neg: Good
Form: Good
Craftsmanship: Good
Functional: Good


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