Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sony Pictures Logo

A good mix here. This logo mark design for Sony Pictures is pretty well balanced in regards to subtle color accents on the full color version versus how the visual integrity holds up in 1-color. The color gradiation accents don't interfere with the pure graphic structure of the design itself. They are merely an overlay to what clearly exists underneath; so when those effects are removed not much damage is done---allowing for good recognition in 1-color. The angled lines are well spaced with a good rhythm at top and bottom to give it a strong appearance, while the gradual tapering of the line thickness as it moves outward is well crafted, employs good use of positive/negative space relationships, and suggests that feeling of movement or highlights (whatever they were going for). This graphic tapering also provides a point of interest for the viewer's eye to focus on and retain. When scaled it holds up well because of the nice consideration of how to space the lines and how thick (or not thick) to make them so that they don't close in on each other too much visually. It's not an outstanding "wow, I really like that" kind of mark, but it's a good, solid, established mark when taken to 1-color.

R A T I N G S  (1-color version)
Scale: Bad, Fair, Good This is all in the context of the 1-color version, not rating the full color version.
- Recognizable: Good
- Scalable: Good
- Use of Pos/Neg: Good
- Form: Good
- Craftsmanship: Good
- Functional: Good