Friday, February 25, 2011

Update and Changes

Friends, pardon my absent posts these past couple days. Things have been busy. Actually, in the busyness I found I need to try to maintain some of my own personal balance going foward (amidst being a full-time designer, client work, husband, dad of two little ones, ministry, and now active's a lot of work). I'm so grateful for the exposure and recognition this blog has gotten over this past month since it's beginning, and I'm grateful for all of you who read and follow because your support feeds me (I hope you continue to do so), but I need to structure this blog a little differently.

The primary point of Hi CONTRAST is to highlight the importance of well designed logo marks from the ground up (black and white). And this is what I want to continue to focus on, but a little more simply so I can keep up the pace without going to bed with bloodshot eyes each night. Moving forward, this site will mainly become a showcase of great black and white logo mark work. I will research excellent marks and display them with accompanying thoughts about why it is successful and a good achievement in design. (Unfortunately, I will no longer be drawing comparison between color to black and white versions.) The other great thing though, is that I want you to send in your logo marks that meet the criteria for all of our audience to see and share in the main posts (see "Submit Your Logo" tab in navigation bar for submission guidelines).

Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and feedback that you have sent through comments and emails. It inspires me, and my aim is to inspire others to appreciate the core qualities and principles of logo mark design. This is a place you can enjoy seeing famous designs, new designs, and your designs! I know when I was a student, having visuals to study was great, but what was even better was having critical thinking along with it to help me understand what qualities made the design so good (whatever it was). So this is simply my intention moving forward, and I hope makes life a little easier.

So keep checking in over the next day or so to start to see the new, simplified, showcase of great logo marks along with some brief analysis. Learn and be inspired. (Feel free to leave comments with any thoughts if you like.)

Thanks everyone.

Adam Ladd    

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